Drafting, Filing and Prosecution

All J A Kemp attorneys are required to develop and maintain patent drafting and prosecution skills at the highest level.

Effective patent drafting requires an understanding of your business and a complete grasp of the relevant technology. The drafter must apply the right tactics to achieve successful filings without compromising your long term business strategy.

We are one of the leading users of the European Patent Office, filing some 1,200 European patent applications annually. Our attorneys are skilled at adapting the claims in a patent application to suit the requirements of the European Patent Office.

We take into account the requirements of other patent offices around the world when drafting specifications. We file many international applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty as well as UK applications at the UK Intellectual Property Office.

We can prosecute an application in any country worldwide through our extensive contacts with foreign attorney firms. We monitor all relevant law changes in individual countries and we select carefully which foreign associate firm to instruct, based on your specific needs.

If required, we will instruct a trusted service provider to handle annual renewals on your behalf.

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