IMAGINE IF! Intellectual Property Advice Clinics

J A Kemp is delighted to be able to support the shortlisted entrants to the Cambridge IMAGINE IF! deep tech accelerator.  

Your ideas need protection. The main risk you need to consider when seeking investment relates to publicity. Anything which involves bringing your business idea to the attention of the public counts as a “disclosure”. Of course, the basis of the competition concept is to publicise your idea to as many people as possible. A compelling pitch is key to attracting investment and you need to explain your business in sufficient detail for your pitch to be persuasive. However, any disclosure of your idea could prejudice your chances of securing effective or valid protection of your IP further down the road.

Come along for an informal presentation and confidential discussion about what you should consider at this stage in your business plan in terms of IP protection.

The session will cover:

  • Patents

  • Trade Marks

  • Designs

  • Copyright

  • Confidential information


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