Technology is playing a crucial role in addressing sustainability in many areas, perhaps most obviously in power production, natural resource use and recycling. The economic importance of the clean technology sector is increasing all the time.

Many of our attorneys have a special interest in cleantech and we are active members of the London Cleantech Cluster (LCC). We hold regular London Cleantech Cluster Special Interest Group seminars and webinars. To be added to the mailing list for these please contact us.

We have attorneys with a wide range of technical backgrounds who have significant experience of working in this sector with startups, universities, research institutions and multinational corporate clients.

We deal with inventions in areas as diverse as fuel cells, renewable energy generation (in particular wind and wave energy, solar power and bio-reactors), biofuels, recycling, water treatment and combustion engine management.

We have experience of using the UK-IPO "Green Channel" to accelerate the examination of UK patent applications relating to clean or green technology. Indeed as part of our commitment to Cleantech clients we do not charge for requesting combined search and examination and entry into the Green Channel at the UK IPO.

J A Kemp has its own environmental policy and carbon reduction programme, supported by rigorous data collection and monitoring. The firm's commitment to managing its environmental impact specifically by reducing its carbon footprint has been recognised through certification of its programme by Carbon Smart. J A Kemp is also working with ClimateCare on carbon offsetting. The firm’s financial contribution will support several projects in Africa and Asia, including the delivery of safe water, the manufacture and distribution of safe and efficient cooking stoves, the provision of treadle pumps to replace diesel-powered pumps for farming use and a small-scale wind energy project.

To find out more about the IP services that we offer to clients in the cleantech sector, please contact: Martin Jackson or Ravi Srinivasan

London Cleantech Cluster

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